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Published: 10th August 2011
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People prefer bungalow style homes these days. The scarcity of space for huge bungalows has resulted in designers creating small houses styled just the way a plush bungalow is. Most of these buildings are designed with wide porches, nicely built attic bedrooms and dormer ceilings. You can also have beautifully designed shelves and bookcases inside the bungalow.
In case you own a 2 bedroom bungalow and want to design the interiors beautifully and in a luxurious way, here are some simple yet effective steps to follow:
Step 1: Clear the Space Available
This is imperative especially if you have less space in your bungalow. You need to clear out the space as far as possible. Understand that a 2 room bungalow cannot accommodate unnecessary items such as huge pieces of furniture, bulky artefacts, vases etc. In fact, you should focus on allowing good amount of natural light into the bungalow. Huge pieces of furniture will block smooth flow of natural light. In case, it is not possible for you to do away with large pieces of furniture, move them to corners to allow for adequate space. Keep the furniture away from windows and doors. You must make space for collection unnecessary items and camouflaging clutter. For instance, you can utilize long table with baskets and lids where you can stack mails, bills, and magazines.
Step 2: Paint and Revamp
New paints on the walls of your bungalow will revamp it. Hence, it is important to go for new, bright paints. Go for smoother finishes. This will add shine and make rooms of your bungalow look larger. Whites and creams will certainly make your room look brighter and larger. However, you can also choose neutral and pastel colours to keep the setting bright. For instance, you can go for stone gray, peach, rosy gray, baby blue etc. Lavender colour is also a wonderful option if you allow a lot of natural light in your rooms. Green will also give an illusion of larger walls with more volume.
Step 3: Furniture
Opt for furniture that helps in keeping spaces open. Search for latest modular furniture. With lightweight, pointed frames. The modern furniture available on the market these days are flexible and can be easily adapted to small and large spaces in a bungalow. You can look for furniture space that can be fitted to the corner s of a room and folded as per the specific requirements or demands of occasion. Try to use a lot of natural materials including bamboo, wood, paper, brick, stone etc. to make the bungalow attractive and still use less of space.
Step 4: Storage Containers
It is wise to invest in good quality storage containers. This will help you organize things in your house and hide unnecessary stuff. You can utilize matching and designer containers for use in dining rooms, kitchen and bathroom to add to the utility of pace and making it look attractive at the same time. These containers are widely available on the market these days.

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